Surrealist artist Richard Saunders has recently gone viral for his unique artwork. Back in 2011, Saunders captured cloud-style topiary at Hall Barn in Beaconsfield. The artist said the photo ‘suggested a sleeping animal by the lake’.

Photo by @fullfaceofmeow

This observation led Saunders to merge the photo of Hall Barn, with a picture of his beloved cat Tolly. The creation went viral across the web and grabbed mass attention from the media.

Due to the wide coverage and success Saunders received from the first photo, he decided to create another. The second included an image of Tolly, drinking from the lake at Painshill Park in Cobham. After the photo was released, it gained over 3 million hits on Facebook.

top cat 2

Photo by @kelliecoffeequeen

Each image created was made on Photoshop and had the aim of creating ‘giant cat-style topiary’ with a twist.

Sadly, Tolly the cat has now died. However its name will be sure to live on, with each photo being made as a tribute to the cat.

Mr. Saunders Topiary Cat can be found at